Sculpting Your Millennial Mind

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What is Sculpting Your Millennial Mind?

Sculpting Your Millennial Mind: 14 Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential is a 14 part self-development program to help you become your best self.

This program has a live and a digital version.

On starting the program each participant will receive the program guidebook in an electronic format for use at each section.

The Program

If the live version is chosen you tune into the 14 live sessions facilitated by Author and Personal Development Coach, Daniel Francis. He will guide you through the material and answer your questions in real-time as they come up. If you can not view the live when it occurs don’t worry, the videos stay up so you can view them in your free time.

If the digital version is chosen you will receive pre-recorded videos with all the information and learning materials.

Each section of the guidebook corresponds with a section of the book, The Millennial Mind. You must have a copy of the physical book or ebook to participate.

As you read a chapter you answer the guidebook questions to that respective chapter and view the chapter video.

Whether the live or digital version, you have lifetime access to the videos so you can view them whenever you’d like. The main difference between the two products is that in the live program you have the ability to get feedback in real-time while viewing the live videos.

Program Objectives

The aim of the program is to develop the personal development skills detailed in each chapter of the book The Millennial Mind which includes time management, goal setting, finding purpose, patience, vision, and emotional intelligence just to name a few.  You will make better decisions, be better able to manage your time, and improve the quality of your life, especially during this pandemic period.

Program Breakdown


I have started the “Sculpting your Millennial Mind” program and I am intrigued by the modules I have completed thus far. I considered myself to be a procrastinator and I struggled with self-doubt and the ever-looming fear of failure. Many times I would initiate a project either personally or professionally and oftentimes it remained incomplete. This program has thus far been very enriching to my life and it gives the necessary tools to navigate through these hectic and uncertain times. I have found my greatest strength in overcoming obstacles. I am more focused on achieving my goals thanks to the time management and practical skills this program delivers. This program has helped me to add more structure to my life and I will definitely recommend this program to others.

Tiffany Castillo

Everyone desires to become their best self, pursue passions, and achieve goals. The truth is some things can only be achieved with proper guidance. “Sculpting your Millennial Mind” has encouraged me to develop and reinforce healthy habits for growth. This has been extremely important with a busy work life. Consistency has led to less stressful days. This program provides you with the right tools to transform your goals from thoughts to actions.

Sabrina Mohammed

Sculpting the Millennial Mind is the kick-in-the-ass I needed to get my life organized. It’s a very simple program that allows you to take a deeper look within yourself, revealing your strengths and your weaknesses and the solutions to work on and improve them. The program shows the power in mindset and practice, and that making small changes can make a huge difference. I’d recommend this program to anyone who has big goals and dreams and want to achieve them.

Shantal Samaroo

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