Are you one of the many people who feel they should be happy just to have a job, but still dread going into the office? This is a common situation and it can have various reasons, from not feeling appreciated at work to not feeling you’re making a difference. This can have a significant impact on your overall job performance, and mental stability.

There are positions where you feel as though you’re being spread thin across various locations or departments. This can cause you to feel you’re not fulfilling your duties to one area or another. There is a term used for this feeling, it is called the ‘burnout effect’. A study was recently done by Srinivasan S. Pillay, a psychiatrist and clinical professor assistant from Harvard Medical School. There were 72 participating senior leaders randomly surveyed, and almost every participant showed signs of some level of burnout, while each one provided a minimum of one work-related cause.

In 2013, Gallup reported only 30% of American employees feel engaged while at work, while only 13% across 142 countries worldwide feel engaged while at work. The reason is, work can feel dispiriting or depleting. With competitiveness increasing, talents and skills seem to become outdated and further learning is required to increase capabilities. Digital technology increase may be the largest influence that has resulted in an unprecedented number of requests and information making people feel they need to be available to respond day or night.

Harvard Business Review surveyed over 12,000 participants, mainly white-collar employees from various industries and companies. In addition, there were 2,500 from a financial service company and 6,000 from a manufacturing company.


The final results showed all three segments were similar. If four core needs have been met, employees tend to be more productive and satisfied, including emotional, feeling appreciated and valued for contributing; physical, ways to recharge and renew regularly during work; spiritual, by allowing the employee to do what their good at and enjoy most; mental, opportunities for focusing differently on important tasks while defining their own schedule.

According to these results, employees need to feel that what they are doing while at work is making a difference and that they are appreciated for their efforts. Therefore, the more effective organizations and leaders are at supporting employees to meet their core needs, the higher the potential for employees to have a positive attitude, which increases their overall production and productivity rates.

In addition, employees may experience better job satisfaction, job loyalty, engagement, and positive energy while at work. All of these factors can help reduce overall stress levels perceived by current experiences at the workplace. Just a single-core need being met showed evidence of improved performance, but the more needs that are met, the higher the performance tends to be due to having more of a positive impact towards the job, position, and company in general.

One on One Consultation. Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Sometimes face to face interaction is necessary to effectively help a person process information. The purpose of these one on one consultations are to first evaluate where the challenges are in achieving your goals and curate sessions to overcome those challenges.

The consults are are done at an hourly rate and typically covers areas such as: Time Management, Goal Setting or Self-Awareness. The 15 minute evaluation is FREE and session can be done via a Zoom Call or via telephone.

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