The Millennial Mind


by Daniel Francis

Don’t be an underdeveloped version of yourself.

The goal of my book is to motivate all readers through relatable stories and practical solutions. Each chapter explores common issues and stumbling blocks on the journey to success.

Readers are led on a thought-provoking journey that will equip them with the necessary tools to achieve success for themselves and through others.
This book will stimulate Better Time Management, Goal Setting, Overall Motivation, Staying Consistent, and other success habits.

Discover the key to unlocking the Success Secrets of the Millennial Mind. 


The Millennial Experience


Built off of the challenges in The Millennial Mind, The Millennial Experience will take you on a journey through inspirational stories.

A mix of fiction, non-fiction, and something in between, each story is inspired by a real-world event that shows the strength, innovation, and resilience of Millennials.

The stories are super relatable and insightful. Some may be your story and you will learn what little adjustments you can make to better yourself


    Sculpting Your Millennial Mind


    If the live version is chosen you tune into the 14 live sessions facilitated by Author and Personal Development Coach, Daniel Francis. He will guide you through the material and answer your questions in real-time as they come up. If you can not view the live when it occurs don’t worry, the videos stay up so you can view them in your free time.

    If the digital version is chosen you will receive pre-recorded videos with all the information and learning materials.

    Each section of the guidebook corresponds with a section of the book, The Millennial Mind. You must have a copy of the physical book or ebook to participate (You can order a copy here: https://forms.gle/Fxt5SQWgHq3zFn2p8).

    As you read a chapter you answer the guidebook questions to that respective chapter and view the chapter video.

    Whether the live or digital version, you have lifetime access to the videos so you can view them whenever you’d like. The main difference between the two products is that in the live program you have the ability to get feedback in real-time while viewing the live videos.


    The Millennial Mind Hoodie


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    By The Millennial Mind

    • Worn and shot by one of our models at home
    • Drawstring hood
    • Overhead design
    • Drop shoulders
    • Logo embroidery to chest
    • Pouch pocket
    • Ribbed trims
    • Relaxed fit
    • A little bit slouchy

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